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Master’s in History

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Recent MA Graduates and Thesis Topics

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Vickie Carey - Masters Thesis Page: 3 Ellen Evert Hopman () provides a glimpse into the Druid and Celtic history of using herbals in magic rituals. Check out the Department of History's F.A.Q. for more information. Degree Options: Written Portfolio or Thesis The Master of Arts in History degree can be earned by defending a portfolio of written work or by completing a master's thesis.

Vickie Carey - Masters Thesis Page: 5 information in comprehensive terms.

History at WOU

In their book Plants of the Gods, these gentlemen not only provide us with an insightful look at the history of plants and herbals, but they have created an. Nguyen on MSNBC. Nov 13, On November 18th, Lien-Hang T. Nguyen will appear in a Rachel Maddow special report on MSNBC.

“Betrayal: The Plot That Won The White House” will air at 9pm ET. Kobrin in Washington Post.

History masters thesis
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