Liacs master thesis presentation

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PhD candidate on Data Science in the Tax Domain

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Masters Thesis Defense - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Jim-Min Lin Pleasure modified by:. Thesis Topic: About Me: I am a PhD student in Dept. of Computer Science and Engineering, IIT Roorkee, advised by Dr. Balasubramanian Raman.

Written by Sonja van Kerkhoff

I have completed my from MMU Mullana, Ambala in and from DCRUST, Murthal, Sonipat in CWI trainee Carla Groenland runner-up in UvA Master Thesis Award Carla Groenland, UvA alumnus and a trainee at CWI’s Networks & Optimization research group, was chosen as the runner-up in the finale for the UvA Master Thesis Award The Master Thesis PowerPoint Template is a research defense presentation.

It is a 14 slides PowerPoint useful for academic purposes. Not only the alumni of the master 5/5(1). Each application must include a convincing motivation letter, detailed resume, list of your MSc courses and grades, copy of your Master’s thesis and preferably a list of publications.

For residents outside the EER-area, a Toefl English language test might be required. Aside my bachelor's and master's study I have been assisting several PhD students at the department of Medical Informatics in their research and have been doing research of Title: PhD Candidate at Academic.

PHD candidate “Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining from patient experience repositories”

Sep 18,  · The presentation was made using "Keynote" The presentation was made using "Keynote" How to oppose and defend a master thesis - .

Liacs master thesis presentation
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