Master thesis brand image strategy

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Making brand portfolios work

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Management is the study of how leadership and authority works in companies and in a general business context.


Taking a Master in Management allows you to focus on a specific field of management. A List of Great Sample Dissertation Topics in Marketing. Your dissertation project should contribute to your area of study. Do not try to move heaven and earth, since you time and resources are rather limited. Master Thesis Creating Strong Brand Identity – Facilitating Internationalization of Norwegian Sports-Clothing Brands Cand.

Merc. International Marketing and Management (IMM). 2 ACKNOWLEDGMENT Getting this thesis report in front of you was a team effort. This study came up in part out of months of research that has been started so early since we got the approval of our research.

Discuss literature about brand strategy and management, brand-related consumer behaviour and focus on topics such as internal branding and brand positioning, equity, extension, communication and communities.

Leyla Acaroglu is a leading sustainability strategist and an expert on lifecycle and systems thinking in design, production and consumption. She is a designer, social scientist, educator, TED speaker and passionate proponent of sustainability in and through design.

Master thesis brand image strategy
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