Mind-body supervenience is the thesis that

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Supervenience and Mind

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In philosophy, supervenience refers to a relation between sets of properties or sets of facts. X is said to supervene on Y if and only if some difference in Y is necessary for any difference in X to be possible. Supervenience and Mind.

This article is an informal introduction to the concept of supervenience and the role it plays in the philosophy of mind. Physicalism is the thesis that everything is physical, or as contemporary philosophers sometimes put it, that everything supervenes on the physical.

Physicalism is the thesis that everything is physical, or as contemporary philosophers sometimes put it, that everything supervenes on the physical. The essays focus on such issues as the nature of causation and events, what dependency relations other than causal relations connect facts and events, the analysis of supervenience 1/5(1).

supervenience a non-local relationship and not useful for the internalist. In the case of the mind-body problem, a non-local supervenience relationship implies that mental content supervenes physically on the brain plus the environment.


This conclusion is strengthened by the following example.

Mind-body supervenience is the thesis that
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