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Submit Your Thesis for Graduate College Review and Deposit

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Thesis/Dissertation Submission

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The optimal way to protect intellectual property and adhere to sponsor agreement requirements is the formal submission to the Office of Technology Management (“OTM”) of a request to withhold a thesis for patent considerations and compliance with contractual terms.

Office Thesis: Ion beam irradiation on hard material surfaces - Nanopatterning of gallium antimonide and silicon substrates and irradiation damage of ultrafine and multimodal tungsten Felipe Bedoya Department Ph.D.University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. William T. and Lynn Jackson Senior Thesis Award This award was established in and is given at the end of each spring semester to the senior student who presents the best Biochemistry senior thesis.

The award is sponsored by Dr. William Jackson, a Chemistry graduate of the University of Illinois. Current graduate students of the Department of Chemistry can find assistance with classes and other concerns in the Graduate Student Services office. Choosing Your Faculty Advisor Review the research interests of all faculty or by chemistry area.

Research Integrity and Ethics Research Integrity and Research Misconduct The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign is committed to the values expressed in its General Principles on the Ethical Conduct of Research and Scholarship to guide the research and.

The thesis or dissertation is a final document and not a copy document for submission to a journal. The Graduate School Guidelines, which reflect the formatting recommendations of ProQuest as well as many of the recent advancements in publication technology, specify these important differences.

Thesis office uiuc
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