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How do I find dissertations and theses?

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Obtain a Thesis or Dissertation

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Contrary decisions or "verdicts" article:. Is a subset of the Dissertation Abstracts database and it indexes and abstracts University of Alberta dissertations and provides the full-text of dissertations published after The University of Alberta also subscribes to the full Dissertation Abstracts database.

University of. Over 2 million master's and doctoral theses and dissertations completed at universities around the world since are included in the database; abstracts are available for those completed since ; page previews are available for some recent theses and dissertations.

Finding Theses Find Massey University Theses. Most Masters and Doctoral theses completed at Massey University are available electronically through Massey Research Online. You can also search Discover for Massey theses.

Archive Master's thesis

Limit your search to theses either by adding Massey thesis to your subject keywords, or limit your result list by Source: Dissertations/Thesis. Masters' Theses and PhD Dissertations at the University of Manitoba At the University of Manitoba, masters' theses and PhD dissertations are housed in the Dafoe Library.

They may be located online through the catalogue and, more recently, some are available through MSpace. ProQuest Dissertations & Theses Global database is a "searchable and browsable database of dissertations and theses from around the world, spanning from to the present day." OCLC WorldCat lists most dissertations for most colleges and universities in the United States and Canada and a great many from around the world.

Proquest Theses and Dissertations (PQDT), a database of dissertations and theses, whether they were published electronically or in print, and mostly available for purchase.

Access to PQDT may be limited; consult your local library for access information.

Uu master thesis database canada
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